The Night Bloom Recording Studio is designed to provide an inspiring space that will support the expression of your creative vision... 

Tucked away inside a quiet forest, this recording studio offers a unique blend of nature's tranquility and modern sound technology. Artists will find solace amidst the gentle sounds of the outdoors, providing a calming backdrop for musical creation. It's where nature meets innovation, giving musicians the perfect environment to craft their work.​

Thoroughly Equipped

The recording studio is equipped with essentials like an isolation booth, advanced monitoring systems, and expert acoustic treatment. Clients benefit from the presence of an on-site producer, comprehensive editing tools, and dedicated technical support.
Enhancing the experience further, the studio provides optional holistic treatments (i.e., massage, yoga, reiki, and Quigong) conducted by certified practioners. 

Convenient & Safe Location

3.5 hour flight from Miami Int. Airport (MIA) to Jose Maria Cordova Int. Airport (MDE)
25 minute drive from airport
5 minute drive to El Retiro, Colombia 
35 Minute drive to Medellin, Colombia
Gated entrance with 24 hour security